Selecting a row based on multiple attributes

When nav = 2, the pack type are mixed.
Cannot find element of pack type = standart when nav = 1

Pack type = Standart / Nav =2

Pack type = Residue/ Nav =2

Pack type = Residue/ Nav =1

Pack type = Standart / Nav =1

as mentioned above nav-up=‘2’ will be wron. we want to stay within the same row of found anchor

have a check on last example what modified line is doing

<webctrl tag='TD' innertext='{{PackType}}' tableCol='9' idx='2' />

only for rnd purpose

You’d be better off scraping this into a datatable, looping through the datatable and building a dynamic selector to select the row you want.

i guess nav and idx should also be dynamic. it will be 2 when the pack type is standard and 1 when it is residue

as we do have more rows with same packtype we will handle this as well. But as we checked the selector in advance so we are currently waiting of your feedback on this. Then we can go ahead.

Packtype = Standart / nav = 2 idx = 2

Packtype = Residue/ nav = 2 idx = 2