Selecting a particular day from a selection box using excel data

I nees to select days as shown in above image by using data from excel.

I cannot directly type in to the selection box.There is no option.I can only select by clicking on that particular day only,but i nees to select the days dynamically using exel data.

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Could you please create this topic under RPA Developer section but not under User Voice. Please change it.

Got it thanks,sorry i am new to the forum.

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no problem i changed it for you.

Thank you.

When you use a click activity in one of the WeekDays buttons, which selector are you getting? because the DateTime object can tell you which day of the week a date is like this:

These are the selectors iam getting.When i use click activity on one of the days.

so you have a part of the week day name in the title, will be fairly easy to make it dynamic, create a string variable to use as a selector and make the title value something you change before using in a click activity :slight_smile:

Thanks,it worked.:grinning:

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