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Can anyone give an example of using “Selected Value Binding” on a Table control?

I have a process that returns customers that I display in a Table. When selecting a customer and selecting “View Orders”, I want to load a page with the orders for that customer.

Anyone? @ankit.saraf, @evan.cohen ??

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Hi @jjes ,

Today, this can be achieved by doing the following.

  1. Bind an input argument (datatable) of your second process “View Orders” to the selected value binding of the table control
  2. Now your second process will have a datatable with one record ( Selected record) from table control.
  3. Parse the datatable and get the relevant customer info, to get the orders specific to customer.

We are working on enhancing this experience ( should be available in a week in Automation cloud ) where instead of passing the entire selected record, you can pass a specific field/property of the selected record to another process.

I’ll try it out, thanks :slight_smile:



Just wanted to update this thread. Now we can find an element as “TableName.Selected Value” and select any of the properties of the selected value (row) directly from the resources panel.

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