Selected text

From the text file, I need only the text after DATE CREATED and before CK01

String manipulation will work in this case
Get the text using get text activity and store it in string variable.get the index of both date of created and c10k .then do substring method.i hope it will work

Can u tell the steps in detail or workflow please it’s urgent

@sathish_kumar3 , can you please give the exact text which you wan to split. I’ not getting it from the attachment. After Date Created there is nothing. What you are trying to get?

Is it a table data?

I have attached the text file. S need only the table data
copy.txt (1.9 KB)

Hi @sathish_kumar3

Use GenerateData table Activity.

Please refer to the screen shot below.


Hi pravin there is no data formatting options in this activity and the sample input is not visible

@sathish_kumar3 Please click on the Options and in Sample input Paste Your text.
Then Use the formatting Option and use column separator by Space.