Selected Print Options on a printer using "Fiery Printing" software are not registering


I have been tasked with printing some reports, and the printer they use utilises “Fiery Printing” as its UI in which you select the settings for printing. I have worked through this multiple times as the selectors were funny at first, but have settled on some which seem to work, in that when I stop the process by commenting out the click “ok” button and check the settings, they are all correctly selected. I have also had multiple people running this job on a VM confirm they have seen the correct settings appear on screen. However, when it hits ok to print, none of the settings which were visibly selected are taken into account, and the report prints without any of the options.

I have tried to use “select item” twice in a row to ensure the option is properly selected, and also have “send hotkey - right” followed by the same but left after, to try and move up and down through the drop down menus to ensure the option is properly selected, but this makes no difference.

Has anyone else had trouble with something similar and come across a solution?

Thanks in advance!