Selected element shifted when using uipath to automate a javafx window application

I have built a simple window app based on javafx, and have installed java extension on uipath for recording. But I found the recorder cannot recognize the element(label etc) on the UI, eventually I found the recorder do recognize the elements, but the selected field were shifted.

As indicated in the picture, the black border box is where I expect the select box should be for the get text operation, and the red border box is where the select box of recorder actually located.

And this lead to a problem of, if I used the recorder to locate the next button, I need to go to the shifted red border box(not drawn on the pic) in order to select during recording, and yes the uipath knows that element is a button, but when I play the automation, the mouse would move to the shifted red box operate the clicking instead of clicking the button.

Furthermore, the data scraping function cannot be used, even I select the shifted red box, it would return a “this control does not support data extraction, please select a table cell” alert. I found a “ScreenScrapeJaveSupport” in the uipath folder after installing the java extension, but I don’t know how to install it and do not know is that the cure of my aforementioned problem, I just put it with other uipathjavabridge file into the jre/lib folder, which is instructed in the java extension document.
Any idea on how to fix the shifting and scraping problem ?

PS. My operation platform is Win10, and java version 1.8.0_251