SelectDateFromCalendar: Timeout reached in a common activity

Hi All,

I am working in a web automation, while running the bot I am getting an error as:

“SelectDateFromCalendar: Timeout reached.” in a common activity.

Please do needful to resolve the issue.


hi @HeartCatcher ,
try to increase the delay time.


Hello @HeartCatcher

Are you getting this always or during some iteration?

As per the error, it seems to be some delay issue. But please make sure the element that you are trying to action is present on the screen during execution.

So please run the process in debug mode by enabling the highlight element. If any error, please share the screenshot of the error and the property of the activity throwing the error.


The error is coming during some iteration not always, for examples if there are 10 inputs it will correctly completes the 3 to 4 iterations, after that BOT will throw the error, I am triggering the bot in orchestrator.

Then you need to add additional delay using Delay activity before to the activity that is throwing the error or you can increase the Timeout value.