Select variables through dropdown in Assign Activity

I have created a variable with an array of multiple strings, but how can I select one of those variables using the dropdown in Assign Activity without typing the variable. I prefer dropdown as it’s easier and much faster than typing, plus I have lots of variables to choose from that need to be predefined before running the bot. I don’t quite see this option available anywhere in UiPath.

Ex: Say I have a variable called ‘Color’ that is set to String. I have assigned the following VB expressions {“Blue”,“Yellow”,“Green”,“Orange”}. In the assign activity, I want to be able to say that Color = (I click on a dropdown and I pick a single color). Is this possible?

P.S: I don’t want to use input dialogs as I intend to loop the entire sequence over and over again without any user interaction.

You can use forms

You clearly misunderstood what I said. I don’t need to fill up forms nor do I need to set any input dialogs. That’s not the point. What Im saying is that I needed a drop down filter where I can choose between different values directly inside the Assign Activity because I have lots of fields that need to be set assigned particular values evey few loop sequences. I don’t want to keep manually clicking the string value between quotations for every field and typing another value as its not practical at all especially when you long strings. I know I can do that with an input dialog but this would have two disadvantages. First and foremost, every time I debug the script, I will have to choose the same answers again and again which is not convenient, whereas if the values were predefined right from the start, I wouldn’t need to do this repetitive task manually. And second, if I use input dialogs, I won’t be able to loop my sequence which defies the whole purpose. And that is not to mention that input dialogs are actually not that good activities as you cannot set several fields of questions in one single input dialog. I will submit my feature request because this option doesn’t appear to be available in the program though it would’ve been super useful for me as well as for othee users of course.

Here’s a quick illustration I did on Photoshop to show you what I mean. As you can see in the images, I have lots of variables to assign values to. Changing them manually is not a convenient option. Whereas with dropdown filters, I can quickly select which value strings I need prior of running my bot. Hope this helps.

Forget it. I already found a turnaround solution. View the video demo here. But I still think that there should be an ability to select from a predefined dropdown list. Cheers :slight_smile: