Select Value from Drop down Issue


I am having issue in selecting values from drop down for a intranet site. When I try to use “Select Item”, I am getting below error


If I try to use “Type Into” and click on value, i am unable to type the value properly - some default value is coming up when BOT types getting overlapped with what I am trying to type. Please check below

Before Typing the value, Drop down will look like this


When I try to type “Singapore” in the type ahead, it will look like the one shown below



Code I used for Type into is given below

If you guys have any better suggestions please let me know

Send hotkey pass Singapore in to key

Key - The key or key combination that compose the hotkey that is sent. This field supports only strings and String variables.

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Hi @Deeipauk,

have you tried Select item activity. this activity help you to select drop down items


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getting this error

Hi @Deeipauk

Use click activity and pass the variable go to properties use target selector

Kommi Jeevan


oh sorry, then you can use click activity and find what are the changing property in the selector to identify a relevant item then pass it using variable

eg aaname=’ Singapore’
pass this value using variable

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