Select user group from webpage based on Data Table variable

I am new to UiPath and need some assistance in building a section of my process. I have a webpage that contains a list of user groups and I need to assign each individual user to one of these groups based on a Data Table variable.

For example, User One needs to be assigned to the Credit Card role. User Two need to be assigned to the Customer Service role, etc.


How can I make UiPath select the correct role for the user?


Indicate one of the check box from ui explorer and then select the field aaname or innertext or name which would contain the actual name …use a variable in place of that and it would click on only that element…

The selector looks as below example

<webctrl tag='DIV' name='{{varible containing actual name}}' />


I’ve tried following your instructions a few times and I still haven’t gotten the script to choose a different role than the very first.


Can you please show some wcreenshots of what you tried