Select time from dropdown menu (scrolling down)


I want to select a time from a dropdown menu (see screenshot), also times that are not visible at the moment. I tried it with a Try Catch activity and Exception, which did not work. There should be an additional scroll activity. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Tris_H,

Have you tried ‘focus’ and ‘hover’ activity?


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Hello @Tris_H

You can do it as combination of element exists activity and a loop. 2 element exist is required.

Maybe you can try with while loop.

element exists on that date (this you need to make dynamic)
Mouse scroll or send hotkeys( downarrow you can try)
Element exist on the date
Click activity

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Thank you very much! I tried in the end with Send Hotkey + pgdn.

Have a nice day!

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