Select the radio button in SAP based on input excel file

Hello ,

I need to select the radio button based on the vaues received from input excel. Some times it might 2 , or 3 .
Below is the screen that i need to select the radio button

Any leads would helpful

Try click activity where you selector changes depending on the name you want to select (i.e. the UiElement “aaname” has a variable of the characteristic text you want to click).

Click text, the normal method for automating in SAP, should not work here because you need to scroll down to see other options and text needs to be visible on the screen.

I am opening the SAP from citrix, i am not getting the Selectors

Hi @Chaitan
I have worked with SAP and it really has no selectors. You can use the Type activity, by sending Down characters to navigate to the element you want to check. Then use the Space character to check the checkbox once you navigate to the specific element you want to check.