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Hi all,

I am using a read pdf with ocr and i get a bunch of text that looks like this:

Grv # Date Returned Paid From Till Tax Amount (ExVat) (incl Vat)
3745 15 Feb 2020 Purchased No 6.43 42.84 49.27 ’

and from the text i need the number below Grv, i can find grv using regex but now i only need the number below the word, any ideas?

like 3745?
is that Date always fixed?? if yes you can try this expression to get the number
.*(?=\s\d{1,2}.[A-Za-z]) cheers
check this i’ve tested here!

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Thanks a lot @Pradeep_Shiv, this works

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happy learning!

Changing .* to \d+ could get you more security I think, as its would only catch a result if it’s number. :slight_smile:

*just adding a thought that could help out!

gl :slight_smile:


This one works too… :slightly_smiling_face:


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