Select Text on Page Canvas - Basic Example Requested

Ok check now.
OneNote - Search Text.xaml (6.8 KB)

Thank you for going to the trouble to help me.

this is extremely strange - still text not found

When i first did the test in google for the word gmail. it worked perfectly.

If it worked at your end thats great!

But i dont understand why its not working at mine.
OneNote 2016 Desktop

I expand my onenote page to full screen then run this >
Text not found

could you please attach your one note attachment.

Pardon me - how do i attach a Onenote Page - do I export it as a document?


i need entire doc.

Hi guys! By default, after gaining level 1 trust, new users can upload files:

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Hi all,

I still have not been able to make this work despite hundreds of attempts.

I really dont understand what the problem is, can a UI expert please advise me on what the problem is

I have a OneNote page - I am trying to find some text on it - thats all

I have oneNote desktop verion 2016 - office 365

I’ve spent the whole day as well as the kind person helping and i still cant make it work

The page is expanded to full screen within OneNote

the message box returns text not found

this is very dissapointing

Oh boy didn’t see that coming . :stuck_out_tongue:
Its a image.
Please use image exist activity.
Here we go.
OneNote - Search Text.xaml (13.5 KB)

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Thank you Dilip


When you export a page from one note to word document it exports as normal word text.

I was really upset and felt stupid as nothing worked despite researching and testing for hours prior to requseting help here.

I went though all the tutorials on youjtube.

As well as you helping me yesterday.

finally the text has been found!!

thanks ever so much for helping and investigating this issue.

Have a great weekend now and i will write up my notes on this

As a newbie - i’ll pop here often as i always get stuck easily on things like this

RPA is completely new to me