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I have a scenario that bot should select some specific values in the below screenshot wizard like 5,9,12,23,31,38, and 44

Any ideas to achieve this.?


Just an idea:

  1. Find the position of 10.
  2. Use the offset (X,Y) (you need to find out how much each width gonna take X and Y)
  3. Calculate the position, and use Click Activity.


Thank you,
i found the other way to do this, instead of using this wizard, i followed the below steps.

  1. Build Data Table.
  2. read text.
  3. split string by new line.
    4, for each line again split string based on index.
  4. add rows to the new Data table and write data table to excel.

If there are more rows, it’s gonna time taking right?
Did you tried with VBA code?

its not taking much time for now. but we cant relay on offset clicks right… soo this is returning proper output.

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