Select rows starts with secific number


Hello I am trying to select all the rows shown in image on “plan code” column but i don`t want to select row which starts with number “19004” . (all highlighted rows will be selected though)

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Try this

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I think you are trying to click this on a application and not on a excel file

  1. In that case use FIND CHILDREN activity and get the descendants and save it in a variable named out_childrens
  1. Then use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above output variable and inside the loop use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and pass the input as item and get the output of attribute aaname or innerText as a string variable named str_arg

  2. Then inside the same loop use a IF condition and check like this

** NOT str_arg.ToString.StartsWith(“19”)**

If true it goes to THEN block where use a CLICK activity

  1. Use a assign activity and mention like this

sel_argument = str_arg

Where sel_argument is a string variable

  1. With that click activity initially click on a element under that column and get the selector

  2. Edit that selector in a way like replace the attribute value which has the column values with a variable that we created above sel_argument
    Here you go on how to create a variable

Now it will click on each element one by one

Hope this would help you resolve this


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If you want to filter the rows in Excel which is starting other than "19004"Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


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