Select row

Hi, I have attached a reference pic of my excel below. I am using If condition.
serverDt.Select(“Details like ‘Social Services’”).Length > 0
When the line is used above, In the for each row. All rows goes through it but only the first row suppose to go through it. That’s because I am using
How to select row?
I tried
Get row item then If row(“Details”) Is “%Compute Service (MAZ, 4 vCPU 8GB, 99.5%”
But the line above not working

Hi @sangasangasanga, did you append the column header for your Data Table? There won’t be a header if you read it directly from your excel. Can you share your xaml for that part?

@quihan Hi, sorry there is a column names for all columns. I forgot to add it in

Which part u want the xaml for?

Hi @sangasangasanga, the part where you read the Excel and Select

@quihan Hi, my xaml is too big. I send you screenshots of the parts that u want

Hi @sangasangasanga, first, you have to convert your data in your column to string. Row(“Details”).toString and for your partial match you could do:

row(“Details”).toString Like "Social Service"

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

@quihan not working for me :frowning: As it is going to else loop instead of then loop

Hi @sangasangasanga, you miss the asterisk. Oh, I cant put the asterisk in the forum.

row(“Details”).toString Like “(asterisk)Social Service(asterisk)”

replace (asterisk) with *