Select Row Number of html table


I have a html table.

The table contain many row, thus it have more than 1 page.

I need to check and perform operation for each row ,

If the end of row table in first page is 100 and the check selector currently on 101 which on next page,
How to let the bot recognize if in last row number, then it will click to next page?

Example of the table,


Hi @mashy2

Do you basically wants to scrape all the data from the table and then move to the next page and do the scraping again there and continue to all pages right?

I don’t think you need a for each row loop for that. You can simply use the data scraping wizard. You can get to the data scraping wizard from the top ribbon of the Studio.

Once in the wizard, mention the columns you want to be scraped from the table. Once the columns are set, it will ask whether there is a next page button that it can use to continue and scrape. There you can indicate the next page button. This will work irrespective of the number of records shown in the table on a give page. So ots more error proof and efficient :slight_smile:

I suppose this is what you are looking for?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Yes, I do scrap the whole table.

But my check selector based on row number.

If row number currently 201 (on page 2),
How i can make the selector goes to page 2, to check the row number 201?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @mashy2
Use write range for writing extract data table and based on condition as row(“rownumber”).Tostring equals (“201”) click page 2 and select the row as 201 based on iteration