Select Range working 50% of the time

I am relatively new to UiPath but have not been able to get around this “Select Range” hurdle. I am simply copying the selected range. I am confused because it works 50% of the time. I want this function to be reliable and 50% is NOT reliable. Has anyone experienced this and/or knows of a work-around or solution?

Hi Jacob,

Are you sure your Select Range Activity is the one that’s failing?
I used to use Select Range pretty often and it’s been 100% reliable.
Try debugging and see if your Type Into Activity isn’t failing.
If the problem turns out to be your Type Into, you may need give around 500ms to your DelayBetweenKeys Property,
or adjust the DelayBefore Property.

Thank you for your quick response pathLessTaken. Inserting a delay does not help. I did, however, notice that in order for it to work I must have the excel workbook activated. So I have inserted a click to activate my workbook before I select the range. It seems to be working all the time now. I feel like my coding seems kinda clunky now.

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