Select Range - Excel: The range does not exist error

Good Day

I am trying to Select Range in Excel using a specific range but I get the following error:
Invoke workflow file: Select Range : The range does not exist

The Range used is:

Regardless of what cell I add after “C379” (the fourth last entry), it fails with the error. I do not see any overlapping of cells selected. I am able to manually select those cells in the document in Excel.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would imagine that the activity does not like the number of cells you have specified. Can you use ranges instead? C1:C20 for example OR if you insist on doing it this way - try using a separate activity for half of the cells.

Hi Richard, thank you for your input.
After much investigation, I have come to the following conclusion:
The Select Range activity has a 256 character limit on the input data.
As such, the number of characters entered (and not the number of cells selected) was over the limit which resulted in the error.

Thanks again.