Select Range and Clipboard

Hi all,

If I want to load certain cells into the clipboard, I press CTRL+Y and mark the area with the mouse or the arrow keys, then I press CTRL+C to save the data in the clipboard.
is there such a command in uipath studio? I know clipboard, but not how to select an area beforehand.

Many thanks !


Did you try the following approach?

  1. Read data in data table
  2. Filter somehow if necessary
  3. Use Output data table activity
  4. Use Set to clipboard activity

This would result in having the data table saved in the following format:

select range activity

Is Not in excel :wink:

But so that i can get the data in a dt i have to property dissect it. that‘s exactly my problem

maybe you have to change the activity filter and change to classic / not modern

Otherwise be more specific on what is meant with not in excel