Select Query or Condition for the Datatable columns, or whats the solutions? help help help

Hi Everybody,

Please find the screen shot. you can see the condition i have written, its not working so do i need to write any select queries ? for which ever row the condition is full filled should be copied to another datable and excel.

Please help me out…

i just found in uipath site one select query, but i am not getting how to modify it for the columns and write the colndition for IF block

(From p in datatable.Select()
where Not p(“Name”).ToString.Split({" "},StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).Any(Function(d) p(“Company”).ToString.Contains(d))
Select p).ToArray.CopyToDataTable()

i feel its a linq query.
So similarly can we change the above code for the columns

i need immediate help.

Thank you,

@Seem remove “if” keyword in if activity, if M is not a variable use double quotes around it.

Hi Manju,

I tried it, its not working, so i did it with Assign activity.
But with the assign i am not able to full fill the 2nd condition

col3=’’” - not full filled…

Can you please help me soon

@Seem can u share excel with sample data? required output u want.