Select query filter for decimal value

I have scrapped data from website which has 6 columns including column name Last price with values in decimal. When I tried to select query to filter value which is less than 1000, it is not working and returns all values

newDT = ExtractDataTable.Select(“[Last Price] < ‘1000’”).CopyToDataTable

when I add newDT to excel, I see all values including ones greater than 1000… website ref: Gap Up BSE, Gap Up Stock, Stock Gap Up, Gap Up Share, Bar Chart Patterns.

thanks in advance

Hey @Chandru_Karunanithi

You can check the attached workflow. it will solve your problem.
Select query filter for decimal value.xaml (10.6 KB)


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Thanks @aksh1yadav… It solved my problem… “Convert([Last Price],‘System.Decimal’) > ‘1000’”) is one I needed.

Actually one strange issue… Initial Datatable ExtractDataTable returns 166 records in excel file but when I do


returns only 159. Do you have any idea y this differenceGAPUP.xaml (15.8 KB)
? attached xaml.

It seems problem with the extracting node … i guess. just set the Extract Metadata Activity ContinueOnError Property to False then try to run. you will ge some idea :slight_smile:


ContinueOnError property already set as True only. Still I get this difference. Thanks anyway

Sorry my mistake set it to false i mean. wrongly mentioned. :slight_smile:

No luck. I see some of entries present in Excel is not shown in webpage where data is extracted. May be it includes hidden values. However datatable.rows.count should return count of data present in it. its not happening! Thanks :slight_smile: