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I have below screen of my application and the step I need to follow
,to search Proposal no i.e 1989 and result will come like below table and I need to click on Name hyperlink to open new screen and fill some information there
the problem is here I need to choose only 1989 proposal but there is no hyperlink to move new page how could I make relationship with both selection and pass proposal no dynamically.
Please give some input

Hi @Aleem_Khan

In your selector for your click activity you set the proposalID as the Anchor and indicate the name as the element. You create a dynamic selector for the anchor and put a wild card (*) for the element.

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can you please give some example are you talking about anchor base activity ?

hI @Aleem_Khan

Check these thread once


Are you using the Classic Design Experience or the Modern Design Experience?

On the above page, go to UiPath - Design → UI Explorer

In UIExplorer, use Indicate Element and Indicate Anchor to indicate each.


Once both have been indicated, a full selector will be generated for you. When that’s done, you would edit the selector to what I said in my previous post.

If you send me the link to the website I can explain for you further.

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I have created anchor selector using ui explorer
but when I pass * my selector get validated green although If I pass proposal variable its get fail its happen because of white space in proposal no how could I control white space while passing variable.

Remove the whitespace and use the same wildcard (*) in the aaname property.
i.e. aaname='*1988*, but you wouldn’t use 1988, you would create a variable i.e. strproposalID holding the proposal id and pass it in as follows aaname='*{{strproposalID}}*. To test the selector without running the program you would need to set a default value for that variable.

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@Aleem_Khan If you edit please @ me otherwise I don’t see your edit without checking.

Try for your latest edit:
<webctrl aaname='*{{strProposalID}}*' parentid='content' parentname='*' tag='DIV'>

You could try refining the selector by removing unnecessary element properties, such as tag & parentid, but you would need to test them as you do that.

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