Select particular rows from a SAP GridView control?

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I am working on SAP application.

  1. 1st thing i am not able to select this particular table using recording… i am trying. Can any one tell me how shall i scarpe this ??? i have to get this complete table…

Well this application has a Table and this table some times contains 20 rows, some times 10 rows
some time only one row. its Dynamic.

  1. Well in this table some rows are green , some are yellow.
    I have to select all those rows which are Green color only.

How shall i do this?

well in the application the data/table is inside the “Gridview


  1. Last condition: once i get all the green color rows then i should full fill below condition
    If “IN48” then
    select - IN13, if IN13 is not available select IN 19 …
    IF “IN13” then
    select - IN43, if IN43 is not availabe , select IN 19 …

Thank you,

i am not sure how SAP applications work and how UIPath will identify these objects,

  1. you can try datascrapping wizard and try to scrape the datatable, see how it responds

  2. Color identification of cell, i am not sure how much UIPath supports ( i know it support color for excel cell)

  3. other than color is no other way you can select particular row …?


Can someone please help me for above query? because I am facing same issue in my SAP application


I have some problem,could you solve?

HI @Emine_Kaya1

The issue above is 3 years old and not relevant any more. Please see the documentation, where I am describing how to work with SAP Grid Tables.

If you have any specific issue, please create a new thread and let me know

Best regards, Lev

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