Select out 100 files one time


I have over 20k files in a folder. and I need to upload to my server by web UI.
for some reason, I can only upload 100 files in one time, so I wanna know how to select 100 files in a time, first select 1-100 files, and then 101-200 files , and 201 - 300…
any idea ? thanks

@Jerry_Su Please find attached logic sample to upload files => It took me a lot of time but I enjoyed working on the solution!
Sequence26.xaml (12.5 KB)


Where are you going to upload these files?

On web interface, there have a button for the upload ,so ,I will use click activity to click the upload icon, then the web UI will prompt a dialog box to let me select what folder and what files for the upload. and then I will select 100 files per time to upload.

oh, got it. Thank you for your reply.