Select non visible account

how is it possible to click on a selector not visible in the page?
i am using element exist and get attribute activity and also used pgdn and scroll activity but all these activities are not working please help me to find out this.
thank you

What exactly are you trying to click on?

Use simulate click on the click activity - it will be available in the property of click activity.

i have tried this activity also but not working.

i have 1472 accounts so i need to click every account one by one.

you are not able to indicate that element?

is it possible or not?pagedown is not working.

the account which you want to click. Show me its selectors.

it looks empty.

<wnd cls='TMainForm' title='Training - [Find]' />
<wnd aaname='Workspace' cls='MDIClient' />
<wnd cls='TfrmFind' title='Find' />
<wnd cls='TTabSheet' title='Account' />
<wnd cls='TListView' />
<ctrl name='Ace Cakes' role='list item' />


Here’s my current problem that I can not click elements which don’t appear on the screen.
I tried to use send hotkey(page down) to go down and click the element but it’s hard to figure out.