Select next page in dynamic dropdown

Hi there,

I am trying to select the next page in this dropdown menu. The page count can be dynamic and has the possibility of being more than one page. I am trying to loop through each page but I am not sure how to select the next page in the list via a dropdown.

I am not data scraping on each page so the wizard will not help there.



you can use the FindChildren activity, you can then create an array with ordered selectors you’ll iterate through.


Thank you for your response.

How should the FindChildren be setup? How do I dynamically select from the FindChildren list? See my current sequence below.

I just noticed you can find the number of page from the text: Get the Select element, get its aaname attribute, and you’ll get number of pages (as Int32) from aaname as:

pages = CInt(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(aaname, "\s*Page\s+\d+\s+of\s+(?<pages>\d+)").Groups("pages"))

Then you can use a DoWhile activity with counter set as 1 by default and search for your option’s selector with variation of its aaname(selector = String.Format("<ctrl ... aaname='Page {0} of*' />", counter))

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