Select multiple value from column

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how can i select multiple value array [string] from one column and after to filter them.

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Could you please tell more details. So that, we will help you.


I need to filter data table, but the filter wizard doesn’t work with array of string.
I made a variable that contain the value of a column name “result”.
After i need to make a datat table, and filter that data table, and do a for reach row for found the row that contain the value searchstring and print the row with the value


Use filter data table instead of the array and you can assign multiples values for the same column or row in the condition


Use Filter DataTable activity and pass your dataTable as input.

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i think to do this, but if in future i have a more value, this is not really workable.
Existing something different to make work?


You can try below one:“Result = ‘ok’ AND Result = ‘yess’ AND Result = ‘no’ AND Result = ‘black’”).CopyToDataTable

We have to add condition whenever we need to filter based on new condition. I think we don’t have any other option.

Have you found a solution to this? I’m also looking at the same problem and one thing I’m considering is using the IN operator on a DataTable.Select query.

DataTable.Select("[Result] IN (‘ok’,‘No’,‘yes’,‘black’)")

Thing here is you have to dynamically build the IN query argument to cater to multiple values in the future.

If only there’s an operation called IN or LIKE within the Filter Wizard activity that would allow us to pass arrays!

ETA: I made a blog post tutorial about this solution here :slight_smile:

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Pass the parameter as List and then put a for each loop for the Filter Data Table activity.


@Viorica_Marga i have the same issue

What you did to solve it?

I’m afraid the other responses don’t have so much sense… it has to be a dynamic value in the filter

I guess it should be done with a LINQ function

Whatever the scenario may be or even if you need to filter dynamically, the above all solutions will work @pablo.sanchez,

Not sure why you think they all doesn’t make sense. Have you tried or you just mentioned that straight away

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Yes all the above solution should work.
You pass the value to the filter data table activity.

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