Select Multiple Items in a drop down list based on index

I’ve tried looking for a few weeks in the forum for an answer to my question, but haven’t found anything that solves my problem.

Currently there is a drop-down list of time periods that are dynamically added to the system two weeks in advanced. We use this drop down for reporting purposes. Please see below for example


so on and so forth going back 6 years.

Is there a way to choose the 3rd-10th item in this list dynamically?

Unfortunately the selectors do not provide any unique points of interest and cannot be changed as this is a third-party tool. Each of the selectors will only have the following format.

webctrl name=‘time_period’ tag=‘SELECT’ /
webctrl aaname=‘Weekly Std 40 M-S (10/21/2019-10/27/2019)’ tag=‘OPTION’ /

I’m looking to get these items dynamically by index and only choose the ‘time periods’ for the previous two months.

Thank you!


Sorry you didnt get any anwsers before, but let me see if i got this right, you want to actually select multiple itens from the dropdown? Can you do it manually like clicking each one, or you have to hold control or something? because it is totally possible for uipath to get the options by index…

If you do like this:

<webctrl name='time_period' tag='SELECT' />
<webctrl tag='OPTION' idx='3' />

It would select the third item and so on…

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