Select method using where condition

Hi From the above image:"Name, Salary where Status=‘Yes’)

Is this query correct?

It is showing syntax error in the expression

try Filter Datatable activity

Is my query correct?

@KarthikBallary In assign activity use below query

            dtName= dtName.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(i) i("Status").ToString="yes").CopyToDataTable

Ok. In reframework I am not getting get app credential workflow(newly created).


this is the syntax @KarthikBallary

If we need to select particular coulmns, I don’t need ID col

you can then use activities to remove those columns!!

dtName is of type array of datarows

@KarthikBallary dtName is a datatable type.


I think Filter DataTable Activity will work as @Shivaraju mentioned.

If you want to use expression, the following helps you.

dtNameNew = dtName.AsEnumerable.Where(function(r) r("status").ToString="Yes").CopyToDataTable.DefaultView.ToTable(false,{"Name","Salary"})


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