Select last row with data

Hi everyone!

I have this table and I need to select the last row containing data. In this case it would be 09.03.2029. The row contains a link to a downloadable file so I´d have to click on the row.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @domingo.ruiz

Use a Table extraction and extract the data to dt

Use a filter datatable on the link column and filter with Empty.

Then dt.rowcount-1 is the index of your last row with data.


thank you @Anil_G I can retrieve the row´s number and edit the selector, then click on it. But there´s have to be an easier way!


Other way would be to get children and get the last children with data

Or use for each ui element and loop through url till data is not found and you get the last row

If this helps


Hello @domingo.ruiz

Have you checked the Find First\Last row activity?


Thank you. It works!

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