Select item 选择数据后,保存选项,选择的数据为空

Hello, I encountered a problem when I tried uipath community to automate the process of a software. It is normal for me to use select item to select the drop-down menu data, But after I use the save function that comes with the software to save, the data selected by select item becomes blank, as shown below,

There is another question. I use manual selection of data to save, and there will be no situation where it cannot be saved. Can you help me analyze it? Thank you

你select item 后可以随便点击其他栏位再点保存吗

点击其他地方也同样出现无法保存的情况,使用clck的话,会报错元素超出边界范围,以前也用过一些select item,没有出现这个情况

你是点drop down再点里面的选项吗?


是在点击drop down弹出的选项显示报错的

有选择SimulateClick 吗?