Select item (year)

I have a process in which the user indicates a year in a form and the robot has to select the correct item on a web page, as seen in the image. How could I do it?

Hi @Marisa_Ontiveros1 ,

Did you try with Select Item activity?

Yes, but, for example, if the user enters the year 1948. How to get the robot to mark the correct item? I think we would also have to use a SWitch but I don’t know how.

Just get the value in a variable and use switch case to choose the right value then pass it in that activity.

Hey @Marisa_Ontiveros1
Case1:if year <1917 variable ="<1917"
Case2:if year>1918 and year <1944 variable=“1918-1944”

Case3: similar to above
Case4: similar to above

Variable to be passed in select item


Check this xaml Test.xaml (7.3 KB)

Works! Thanks a lot

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