Select item with value?

I have select item activity.

I want to select items based on options in that select tag. Is there any way to do that?

Hello @blacksundar

Can you share a screenshot of what you want to do pls


I want to select using option attribute how can I do that?

DownloadReport.xaml (28.0 KB)

Check this out ^^

Thank you so much for your effort.
But my questions is different. I’ve tried that but is there any way to select using value attribute of option tag?

@blacksundar I never tried it before so i dont know.

Okay No problem. If you find the solution please let me know :slight_smile:

Btw thanks for your time.


Have you tried using the Set Web Attribute activity. The selector will use the OPTION tag, I believe. Then, the attribute will be either “value”, “innertext”, or “text”. If you use “value”, it will be “1” thru “12”. Although, depends on the website if the Set attribute works or not.


You might need to wildcard the value on the selector. But, if you have any errors or problems, present them as images and maybe we can help.

Much of the time, though, you can use the Select Item activity or 2 Clicks for that type of dropdown.

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Hi friend!

Try it with inject JS

I hope help u