Select item in the SELECT tag

I’m creating an integration with a portal that only opens on the internet explorer.
I came across a problem and would like your help to solve it.
At any given time, I need to change an option on the portal, that option is in a SELECT tag with four possible options.
I tried to use several UiPath activities, but all without success. None of them can capture the option I need, all of them capture only the element as a whole, just as it is in the image.

Does anyone know how I can select an option within the SELECT?

The selector you should use with the Select Item activity is the one associated with the dropdown button itself. If this does not work, use a Click activity to open the data and then use a Select Item activity.

If this still doesn’t work, it may be possible to use Simulate Click to select the item you want from the drop-down instead.



In General start with a try with the select Item Activity. If this is Not working Tips from @Anthony_Humphries are to Check. In General we practice following Procedere

  • Using select Item
  • Using select Item with expanding click on the Box
  • Doing steps from above along with modifications e.g. Simulator click, delays …
  • Retrieving the entries with find children and the click on the child
  • Checking If send Key upper or down Let Change the Box.
  • After that IT will be Tricky, WE did Fäcee even such cases but solve IT individually

However, sometimes fields, Inputs … Are combined with Boxers (Auto suggest Features) so can you Share some innersights to the Box e.g taken from webdevoper Tools or uiexplorer. Thanks


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