Select item from drop down with the name

I have requirement as mention in attachment.One item I selected in drop down which is
Primary Insured-Raiser LLC;Raiser- CA LLC;Raiser- DC LLC
this will change from back end according to condition some time drop down item is only one Primary Insured- Raiser- CA LLC,some time Primary Insured-Raiser- DC LLC
Now I want to select the item which name start with Primary Insured
Primary Insured item in drop down is always only one.whether it is
1.Primary Insured-Raiser LLC;Raiser- CA LLC;Raiser- DC LLC
2.Primary Insured-Raiser- CA LLC
3.Primary Insured-Raiser- DC LLC what ever
I want select that item which start with name of Primary Insured
this is always single in drop down list

did you try with select item activity if it retrieve something?


Use ‘Select Item’ activity get the selector for your drop down, it’ll grab all the values present in it. Then select your desired value.

you can use text like this: “Primary Insured-Raiser*”

yes like will work for me.Now where and how can use…?

as people told you above, in Select Item activity…

As mention in attachment this is my selector.There is many item in drop down but only one with the name of start like Primary Insured.Now I want drop down item select which item name like Primary Insured

use uiexplorere and select teh dropdown icon and paste the screen shot of selectors from uiexplorer

but this item can be
Primary Insured cb
Primary Insured dl
Primary Insured ij
Primary Insured lo
in this case it will work…?

yes,if you exact string value!

using uiexplorer I got this selector as mention in attachment


can you give us browser link?

yes but this will not open because this open on server

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you can’t open this


Understanding from your Posts is that in a dropdown you will get a selectitem starting with Primary Insured but in variations within the following parts.

Using select Item and assigning a specific value has the issue, that the actual Variation of primary insured **** is Not known

Some members Reporter that Wildcard * we’re working for them within the select Item Activity. So give a try on this and use Primary Insured* dir value that has to be selected.

If this fails you have the Option to use find children, configured to retrieve all Listitems, looking which Variation of primary insured is present and can use this specific value for the selection

thanks for reply what I need to add in this selector
title =’ Primary Insured-
and this is my selector

Please use the Code Format Option from Editor, otherwise cannot See it

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ok mention selector in attachment

As written in some Posts. The selectitem Activity works in this was. The selector ist pointing to the combox/dropdown. The available Options/selectitems will be offered, once correct configured. Here you can select one Item or you assign the selectitem value as String.

More clear so far

sorry did’t understand