Select item from class "gwt-Label date-label"


I have a list like structure from where we have to select the date. But i cannot use select as it is not supported. there is also scroll bar down from which dates have to be selected. How do i select the date?


Selector looks like:

@anushreebehura: Is it possible to type into that field?

Does a click activity work to select the specific item with the pictured selector? If so, and you can determine a way to build the aaname of the date desired to be selected you could assign it to a variable and use that in you selector.


How can we build the aaname? Am very new to UIpath so it would be of great help if you can give an example


No we cant typ into the field, we can only select it


If you well know the date format, can you try using set text activity.

If you knew you wanted to click on “2W 05/31/2018”, for example you could just use an assign activity to set a variable to that string and then modify the selector to include the variable value at run time as the aaname. This will only work if you can develop the pattern on how you would set your string variable for what you want to click.

@Tyler_Williams, Thanks a lot ! I will try to implement it.