Select item DON'T contains


In an IF condition, I want to select an item that contains
“as at”
but at the same time it mustn’t contain “quarter”. I don’t know how to write the don’t contain part.

Thank you

item.Contains(“as at”) AND …


I tried the below, but it doesn’t work

(item.Contains(“as at”) AND NOT item.Contains(“quarter”))

Use Item.Tostring and then try

Hi @Anonymous2,

Can you try below Condition

item.Contains(“as at”) = True AND item.Contains(“quarter”) = False

Hope this helps, if it works,Mark it as solution.


@Anonymous2 If you have as at in your string you want to select that item and if you have quarter in the same string you dont need to select that item .If this condition is matches to your requirement please find below xaml file .

Main.xaml (4.5 KB)

Hope this full fill your requirement

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