Select function in Oracle EBS module

Hi, I am in learning phase of studio X. Can anyone guide me which activity i should use while select specific function directly in Oracle EBS R12 Module. File has been attached for review.
Function Document.docx (223.8 KB)


You can use the search field at the top…if you give the exact name in search then it would return in the search window…

From there use a selector with the name you need in aaname field and use a click activity to select it.Then click ok or find and it would be auto populated

Hope this helps


Hi, Thanks for your response. I am using type into activity to enter function name in search field and then use click activity to click on find button it will open the form automatically but when i use select activity it does not allow me to select any function. Kindly guide me to follow the correct steps.
Thanks a lot.

Select activity cannot be used here…for select activity to work it needs a ui or tag of type select or a list…and here for java applet the tags are different…

So the way to search and get the find work is to

Use type into then find…if after clicking find if the window is not closed that means the find failed is what you can assume…so accordingly please use the same what you are doing


Thanks for your quick support. Appreciated.

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