Select from Non native UI grid (Telerik.WinControls)

I’m tryin to build a bot to automate a app that’s using a Telerik/Kendo UI. I need to select a specific user from the scroll-able list. and having issues.

The item shows up as below in the explorer


I was able to select visible items using a column number, but need to search a user from the list(wont be visible) and then click them

Any tips would be much appreciated.


Element shows up as below in the explorer. didn’t work above for some reason

Hi @PasanB, It Looks likes Value are searching is in tabular format in the webpage. if YES, You can use data scraping and extract the table assign it to datatable loop through for each to find the value. Hope this helps. Let me know if this is not the case

Hey @vinodhvictor94
I tried data scraping but it doesn’t return all the data (BTW this is a desktop app).
Row 1 Column USER Value @ADMIN
Row 1 Column USER Value @ADMIN
Row 1 Column USER Value @ADMIN
Row 2 Column USER Value @ADMIN
Row 2 Column USER Value @ADMIN
it return the value of the highlighted item (its highlighted by default) and all the row numbers.

OCR does return the data but obviously it return only the visible portion not the whole table.

formatting seems to mess with the code
wnd app=‘adventure.exe’ ctrlname=‘frmDialog’
wnd ctrlname=‘pnlUserControl’
wnd ctrlname=‘ucCopyFromToGrids’
wnd ctrlname=‘RadDock1’
wnd ctrlname=‘DocumentContainer1’
wnd ctrlname=‘DocumentTabStrip1’
wnd ctrlname=‘DocumentWindow1’
wnd ctrlname=‘FromRadGridView’
ctrl name=‘Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadGridView ; 265;4’ role=‘table’
ctrl name=‘Row 14 Column USER Value @STANDARD’ role=‘row’
ctrl idx=‘1’ name=‘Row 14 Column USER Value @STANDARD’ role=‘cell’

Anyone used a similar app?

Hello @PasanB,

I’m facing a similar issue with a .Net application in which Telerik grid is used. Did you find any solution?

HI, I think you will find useful information here. Read here

Hey Anastasiia, can you please send the link because the Read here is not a hyperlink any more?
I am facing the same issue with a desktop app that uses Telerik.