Select from datatable

How to select names from a datatable dt_names where country is not equal to india. Please help using SELECT

@Sana_Afreen What is the Output Format you need?

transaction item

@Sana_Afreen That is not the Output Format :sweat_smile: , The Output Format is the Type of the Format in which you need the Output, Something Like Datatable, DataRow or Array of DataRow

array of datarow :smiley:

@Sana_Afreen Can you Check with this :
arrayOfDr (DataRow) = DT.Select(“Names<>‘India’”)


@Sana_Afreen Can you send a Screenshot of the Assign Activity that you are using with the Query that you have used?

Hi ,

Can you help me in reading a file which is saved dynamically

@Sana_Afreen What do you mean by Saved Dynamically? :sweat_smile: