"select folder" not functioning

Hi everyone,

I have encounter this problem where “select folder” is not functioning.

After I hit run process, nothing happened and it did not prompt any error. I have waited for 10 mins and also nothing happened.

Can any expert here help me with this problem?

I have tried to setting a default value (“C:/”) to the output as per similar post, however, that does not solve my problem.
The attached workflow is from the academy which is attached with this topic.


Demo 5 - For Each (Workflow).zip (13.3 KB)

This works as expected. After running the workflow you will get a file explorer popup to manually select a folder.

thanks for your reply.

I understand that the file explorer will pop up in an “ideal” scenario.

However, my case is an exception where nothing pop’s up. which leads me to here seeking for solution.

Did you encounter the same situation before this?

Hi @weichong

It also works well on my studio.
Maybe the folder selection dialog is displayed behind your other opening windows.
You can close or minimize all of the the other windows and try again.


Thanks bro.

It really appear behind all my windows.

Thanks for your reply.

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