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Hi all,

This is a noob question but i’m stuck :slight_smile:

I just started automating with StudioX and I need to find an equivalent to the Select File activity from classic Studio, to present the user with a file selection dialog box. And i cant’t figure it out.

Please help, thank you very much!


May I know what kind of file it is ?

If it is Excel file then you can use Use Excel File app card , which has a select file dialog.

Hi @lakshman and thank you for your reply.
I have a few files, one of them is indeed Excel. The trouble is that i need the select file dialog at runtime, not during development :slight_smile: .
I saw that there is an option to select ‘Ask when run’, but that just brings up an input text dialog, which is not helpful for the end user.

Studio option:
Result when run:

I could make a workaround where i have the user have all the files needed(3 files,different formats) in the same folder and have the automation figure out which file is which, but I just thought it easier to just have them select them, like you can in classic Studio using Select File, or a Custom Form.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!
Any thoughts?


I guess we don’t have kind of Select File activity in Studio here.

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