Select Exact Value in Find Text Position and Click Text Activity

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Currently i had selection table in Application in house with table view like this.


My Flow :

Using this flow i can’t select the correct one (393), it will select the 1st value appear (393A).

Anyone can help me to select the value of 393.



Can you show what selector you are using for click …Does it have any property with innertext or value which contains the cell information…if so we can add variable and pass the exact value needed


Hi @Anil_G ,

Thankyou for your response,

Hereby the selector :

<wnd app='pms6p.exe' cls='ThunderRT6MDIForm' title='Wiz&apos; PMS' />
<wnd ctrlid='3244' />
<wnd ctrlid='32769' title='Reminder Generation Wizard (PMS)' />
<wnd cls='AfxOleControl42' />


For using click activity, i cant indicate specific row/column.
I just can indicate the whole table :
table select


Hi @aliaga

In that case, can you try the activity Find Children to get all the blocks inside the panel & you can get the attribute of the desired row that you want.

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Hi @arjunshenoy ,

Thankyou for the reply, could you please inform me how to debug/print value from Find Children acitvity?
because i already try writeline the output is like this :

> UiPath.Core.UiElement[]



Great. UiPath.Core.UiElement now has all the uielements present in the indicated tab.

Explore the tab’s ui tree structure ising UiExplorer & determine the unique attribute associated with the row that you want to click.

Once you find the attribute, use a get attribute activity inside the for each to click the element using the attribute fetched.

The following resource might help you with this:

Best Regards.

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