Select dynamically from drop down at runtime

I am new to this technology, and developing my first interactive BOT.
I have a dropdown list on a web page, from which I want to select a value dynamically during BOT runtime.
I tried using SELECT ITEM activity, but got an error “The script doesn’t support select item”
Currently I am using UI explorer, and an input box, which pops-up during runtime and asks the value to be selected.
But user don’t want to write the values in input box, rather he’d prefer to select the value by clicking.
So in a nutshell, I want the BOT to pause while user click on the desired value in the drop-down list, and then BOT resumes the further process.

Drop-down list, I am referringlist to, is attached.

Hi @Vinayak_Pathak.

you can add a message box into your code at the point the human should select the item. When the message box pops up the user switsches to sap screen and selects it. After selecting he approves the message box. You can even customize the message box and check if he pressed a special button on it.

Can you send the selectors of one drop down item ? @Vinayak_Pathak

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