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I have one requirement in filling web form if we insert data in eg I am inserting data 14 text box if I insert data 12th text and 13 text box then click save button next form open. In next web form one drop down if I insert data in 12th and 13th text box then I need to click second item of drop down and I did’t click on 12th and 13th text box then I need to click first item of drop down. how can I achieve this…?

Use If and Switch Activities to handle logic that you are referring to

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@srdjan.suc thanks for reply yes I know this but my requirement eg I click on save button and I apply if condition if I click on save button.means I can I hold value I click on save button or not…??

You must configure the Robot for different clicks

@srdjan.suc how can I achieve this eg I click on particular text box or button then I will apply if condition.which activity need to used
eg if text1.textbox is click

Can you send me the screenshot of the text box?
Also, you can use Image exists activity to see if you clicked the text box, or if the desired picture appeared, because that activity returns you a Boolean


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