Select Country from drop down on website:

Hi Guys,
Can you check my workflow? I am unable to select country name based on given input.
Main.xaml (7.4 KB)
Suppose Put input Iran and bot click Iran from drop down. here Select Item is not working with this.

find a reworked XAML here:
Main_PPR.xaml (9.8 KB)

the problems came from following:

  • webpage is loaded slower then the BOT works, so some uielements were not proper available
    • demonstrated with msg box for synchronizing with the load
    • waiting after click for the country list

the list construct is nested / combined with a
unordered list
hidden select with the country list

so I did:

  • find children - readout the countries
  • injected this as options to the input dialog as an array - creating a select with all available countries
  • clicked on select triangle
  • did wait a little time
  • selected country from list via LI element and innertext attribute value same to the county of choice
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Hi @ppr Thank a lot,
My workflow is working now without find element. My missing was input dialogue box variable was changed and not matching in selector. By the way Thanks again.

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