Select combobox problem with select item activity

Hello there,

I have two comboboxes. When I manually select the first combobox, the second combobox changes automatically according to first one. But when I select the first combobox with robot the second combobox does not change. It has to change. How can I solve that? I used select item activites for both comboboxes.

Environment: .Net 4.7.2; UiPath Studio 2019.5 stable Community Edition. Windows 10.


Hi @RSalamow,
How are you selecting the item in first combobox?

Hi @RSalamow

If you are using a Select Item activity try to use click instead.


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İ use Select İtem activity

As @PrankurJoshi said. Try Click activity instead.

I solved the issue. First I clicked the combobox and again clicked the list item with simulate click property checked. Now I can click without problem. The second combobox changes according to the first one.

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