Select color from palette

Hi everyone. i am new using uipath. I am working in a project and I need to select colors from palette to identify (resources in this case), can I have some help please how can I do that. Thank you in advance

Hello @day_nap05

Is it a web application? How does the selector looks when you spy the color palette inside the dropdown?

Hi @day_nap05,
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Yes it is a web aplication


It seems that there is no selector for a particular color. Can you try with different UI Frameworks? You can change them by pressing F2 while spying an element.

What I hope to get from selector is the selected color of the dot. This might be impossible due to the nature of application though.

Hi @day_nap05

You can try checking if any of the elements are having the color information in hex or any format … if so then you can pass the required hex to that attribute and that should change the color


No they do not. :disappointed:

I did F2 but selectors are the same

Hi @day_nap05

Try doing a inspect element and see manually from your browser if you are able to see …as there should be aome place holder for the color to be picker or a input value to be given. If not it uses some scripting to take it which ia a different thing again


Hi @day_nap05 ,

Have you tried using UiExplorer and Checked ? We might be able to get other attributes that might be helpful. Do post the full screenshot of the UiExplorer.

@day_nap05 ,

We would require full screenshot on confirmation for identification of the Color data. Something in the below manner.

Where we could clearly see the Selected and Unselected Items as well.